Supported Living Services

Olive Leaf Healthcare Solutions know that finding the right care and support for your needs can be tricky, especially when you want to maintain your independence. That’s why our supported living options are designed around what’s important to you. Supported living offers an alternative to residential care and empowers you to choose the right amount of support – how and when you need it – so you can lead an enriching and fulfilling life.

Our supported living is based on positive outcomes and expertise of developing environments that focus on promoting and encouraging the individual’s independence and functioning.

The type of support you receive is controlled by you and with our staff, you will develop a personalised support plan based on your interests, priorities and skills. From help with personal care needs and managing finances, to finding education, work or leisure activities – you decide!

This can be in a variety of settings dependent on your needs, circumstances and goals but they could include any of the following:

Shared Living

We provide shared accommodation for those individuals who want to live independently.

Person Centred Care

Person centred planning enables individuals to work towards the goals they wish to achieve.

Service Model

The quality of care and support we provide to the people in our services is always our priority.

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